AC Repair in Lexington TN

HVAC Repair in Lexington TN

Blankenship Heating & Cooling is a leading provider of professional AC repair in Lexington, TN. Our licensed technicians are reliable and knowledgeable in every HVAC service and repair aspect. We happily guarantee the highest level of customer service and the peace of mind of knowing you've hired the right company for the job at hand.

Blankenship Heating & Cooling provides AC repair and service in Lexington TN.

We are known in Lexington as the "TVA Spec Guys". Not all of our work is TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) jobs, but we handle each one as if the TVA inspector will be analyzing even the smallest detail of our work. We don't collect payment until we pass the strictest state inspection AND the customer is completely satisfied.

What this means to our customers in Lexington, TN is simple: your residential air conditioning and heating system will surpass the TVA guidelines and provide you with efficient, comfortable temperatures in your home. Our AC repair customers will NEVER have one room too hot and another too cold. We take pride in ensuring your home is "just right".

When you hire us for your HVAC repairs, you know you will get an industry-exceeding guarantee. Blankenship Heating & Cooling will ensure you "feel at home" when we finish the job because we do whatever it takes. Quality HVAC services and air conditioning products are our specialty, every time.

About Our Company

Emmitt and Mark Blankenship founded Blankenship Heating & Cooling in 2008. Together, they have been in the HVAC business for over 17 years.

Call Blankenship Heating & Cooling when you need air conditioning repair or furnace repair in Lexington TN.

There are other HVAC companies in Lexington, and we realize you will always have a choice. That's why we stress to our employees that our reputation is on the line whenever they leave the truck. We believe you can NOT "teach" honesty and integrity, so we only hire trustworthy, reputable technicians. You can trust that our word is our bond.

We employ 4 air conditioning technicians who are EPA certified and have over 1200 hours in specific hands-on training at a certified HVAC school. We also employ a full-time Duct/Shop Manager who meets the needs of our very busy duct business. And an office manager/dispatcher who keeps our office running smoothly and meets every customer with a smile.

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